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Goddard Youth Camp offers unique and engaging educational opportunities to students through our educational hiking trails, museum experiences, team building courses, and nature education. We also equip the teachers with their own resource login to download all the information they need for their group's experience.



On the camp’s five miles of natural trails and its natural history museum, these young people learn about geology, ecology, geography, paleontology, botany, and – thanks to the abundance of birds, fish and wildlife – zoology.  The students also learn the story of the land and its people:  how the prairie changed when bison were removed from the environment, how the fossils preserved in sedimentary rock provide a picture of ancient marine life, and how Native Peoples lived and worked on this land.



The Goddard Children's Museum was built in 1997.  It is a 24,000 square foot two story building, uniquely designed to fit the existing landscape at its location.  Visitors will find several different scenarios throughout the museum.  One of the true treasures of the museum is the "Indian Exhibit."  Tribes from all over North America helped create an authentic and hands-on exhibit of Native  American cultures.



We train you. We have an accredited curriculum provided for you. In the Fall we will host our teachers for a fun and educational weekend designed to make you feel comfortable about your upcoming trip. You will be professionally taught on all the trails and have full access to the camp and our staff for your planning. You will also have access to our exclusive online teacher resource. Once you experience Goddard you will be hooked, the average tenure of our groups is 17 years. 



We have a few new things that are part of the Goddard Experience. All of them are optional and at no additional charge (excluding geology lake tour). These new programs are to help the teachers and instructors that make Camp Goddard possible. Here are a few examples of how we will help:

  • We provide activity equipment (archery, fishing, etc...)

  • We provide certified lifeguards and mandatory lifejackets for your peace of mind during swimming activities

  • We facilitate evening cookouts with grills, utensils, and cleanup provided

  • We can provide tours and other natural educational opportunities

Evening programs and cookouts are great for the students and easy for the teachers, instructors, and sponsors. These activities will be booked after the registration paperwork has been received.


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New Kayaks & Paddle Boards

These are very safe and require no experience. Life jackets are mandatory for every person in the water. Life guards must provide a current certificate and be present at all times. We will provide a lifeguard with a week’s notice of  your arrival, with specific days and times.



Bring your own movie or choose from one of our approved movies. We will serve popcorn and setup all of the equipment. We will also tear down and clean up.


Hotdog Cookout

We will cater a hotdog supper for your bon-fire area, build the fire, and clean up when you're done! You will be responsible for serving and/or roasting the hotdogs.


Burger Burn

We will deliver all the food to your area and set up a commercial grade charcoal grill. You will be responsible for cooking and serving the burgers and we will do all the clean up! This works well if you have a parent who loves to grill!

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Pizza Supper

Mazzio's will cater pizza and deliver to the cafeteria! This option is only available on Thursday nights.


Fishing Area

We have a covered dock with comfortable seating. We provide all the bait and fishing equipment... and the occasional de-hooking of a fish or two.


Updated Archery Range

We have many new targets including a 9' velociraptor! Our bows and arrows are the highest quality and are the same bows used in school competitions. Safety is also paramount and is one of our utmost concerns.



We offer one golf cart for the director of your camp experience. Please remember to drive at low speeds!


New Water Park

We have added a 20' water trampoline and a 15' floating water slide to our private harbor. Life jackets are mandatory for every person in the water. A certified lifeguard must be present at all times. We will provide a lifeguard with a week's notice and specific swim days and times. If you bring your own lifeguard, we must have a current lifeguard certificate for the individual ahead of time. No exceptions to these rules.


Laser Tag

As an evening program, we will set up a laser tag course and rotate your group through in teams. 


Game Night

We set up a Nintendo Wii tournament in the museum art room. We can accommodate 100+ players per hour. Additionally, there will be board games and art work available while children wait to play. (This also works well with Movie night or Lazer tag. Everyone will start upstairs with the movie or lazer tag while groups of 20 rotate playing Wii sports.)

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